Review: ‘Jimmy Olsen’ #11 Wraps Up Nearly All The Loose Ends

by Tony Thornley

Things were looking up for Jimmy Olsen. He’d solved the mystery of who put the hit on him, and set plans in motion to restore his normal life. Then a bunch of alien invaders showed up. Naturally things went downhill from there.

Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles face the penultimate issue! It’s been a hell of a ride, and this issue is a gleeful tribute to the past year. It really leaves only one question- what are they going to do next issue?!

His wife Bix has arrived on Earth, looking for help (it’s a long story), but Jimmy has promised Superman that he would solve his own problems. Thankfully, he has friends in low places, high places, and all sorts of places in between. And once he settles that matter, he still has to contend with the fact that HIS BROTHER put a hit out on him!

I wish I could simply say that you just need to pick up this issue, but I can’t.

This is twenty-odd pages of gleefully fun comics. Fraction and Lieber call back to every gag, every Easter egg, every cut away over the course of the series to craft a jam-packed story. Fraction’s story is silly, but never stupid, just like its protagonist. It actually wraps almost everything up in a nice bow, until the final page gives just enough of a shocker to make you understand how there can be more to the story. It’s clear that this story will go down as the quintessential take on Jimmy for the modern era.

Lieber and Fairbairn continue their masterwork together. This issue is packed with detail, from jokes to action, to quiet but important moments. The art never feels bogged down or muddied though, a testament to the strength of both the linework and the colors. If anything, this series should be remembered as the point that Lieber proved once and for all that he’s the best cartoonist of the modern age of comics.

If you haven’t been picking this series up, it’s an absolute must-read. I am genuinely sad that there’s only one issue left, and I hope the final issue ends with a sequel announcement or something equally exciting reuniting this fantastic creative team.

Jimmy Olsen #11 is available now from DC Comics.

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