Review: Not That Kind Of ‘Dark Red #10’

by Benjamin Hall

This issue’s script by writers Tim Seeley and Aaron Gillespie is tonally similar to a horror movie with a rating of PG-13. Meaning this issue is rather bland when it comes to the horrific elements, including the violent and/or gory moments. Also the characterization and sequence of events are weaker than they could be. This is due to how Seeley and Gillepsie hastily wrap up this series in an issue that may or may not be the final one. However, Seeley and Gillespie do good with the moments that are meant to bring levity to this issue.

The regular cover art by artist Megan Hetrick is suggestive of a gladiator type stand-off with monster on monster violence. Unfortunately, it is more epic in design than any interior scene that artist Corin Howell gets to draw in this issue. Though both Hetrick and Howell are more tonally similar in what their art depicts than variant cover artist Josh Brannan. This is due to the fact that Brannan goes with more of a slightly risqué ‘bad girls’ on motorcycle circa mid-1990s style design. While none of these styles are lacking confidence, especially in the consistency of the line work, none of them truly scream horror.

                                                                                       Dark Red #10 (2020) Cover Art by Megan Hetrick

The interior colors colorist Mark Englert selects are still falling into the garish range. Though one character does get some almost non-garish green. While letterer Carlos M. Mangual does position the text in a way that enhances the dialogue on an emotional level. Mangual unfortunately uses a font that is too thin. Thus the characters come across as if they all might be speaking with reedy voices. As for the logo design by designer Marshall Dillon it works slightly better on this issue’s regular cover than the previous cover. This is due to the colors being different enough on the cover art versus the logo’s.

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