Review: Maybe ‘I Can Sell You A Body’ #4 From IDW

by Benjamin Hall
I Can Sell You A Body #4 (2020) cover art and colors by George Kambadais, letters by Ryan Ferrier

I Can Sell My Body #4 features the cast of characters at their most likable. Although the characterization is still not the best in comparison to most other comics. However, it is not the worst ever. Though one has to look at all the issues to see any hint of creative growth in the area of characterization. Unfortunately some of this growth fades around the mid-section of this issue. This is due to characters again acting illogical or unlikable, but in a slow devolving manner.

As for the visuals they are still very consistent in design. Also artist/colorist George Kambadais arguably shows more confidence in this issue’s line work than the line work found in issue 1. Not to mention the sequencing of events creates a nice mostly steady pace. Though there are some panels that still could use a relevant color to suggest missing backgrounds. On the plus side only one panel really had a clash of colors.

As for the title itself it feels like both the completing of a promise and a misnomer. Meaning that the story reaches a good resolution and has a lack of seeing through when it comes to the idea the title evokes. What writer/letterer Ryan Ferrier and Kambadais do in this issue is create enough of a satisfying conclusion that some of those who read the collection should feel okay. Though that is assuming any potential readers actually read all four issues in any form. However, those who actually read all four issues will notice that there are quite a few plot threads with no resolution. Also some may notice that this issue’s opening dialogue presents a more intriguing, and definitely more touching, alternate direction for the ending. Thus while this is the best issue of the four it gets a little too caught up in ending in a sequel baiting type way.

I Can Sell You A Body #4 is available now from IDW 

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