Preview: Catwoman And Harley Battle It Out To Be Queen Of The Catwalk In ‘Harley Quinn Black + White + Red’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

Our second DC Digital First preview of this Friday is the all-new Harley Quinn Black + White + Red with this week’s original new story by writer/artist Mariko Andolfo (Mercy) and designed to be read as a digital comic. Jealous of Catwoman’s indubitable and effortless style, Harley wants the spotlight back on her and has had enough. Hey, has anyone not told her how many DC title she’s appearing it at the moment? Careful what you wish for, Harley, you may find yourself over-extended yourself, especially as this smells like a trap. Check out our preview below:

“’Fashion Victim’ – Harley is determined to steal back the spotlight by sabotaging Catwoman in style! When the two are challenged to model a new line of cutting-edge criminal couture, Harley accepts it as a contest of pride-but she’ll have to swallow a tough pill when she learns her arrogance is all part of Selina’s grand plan to pull off the ultimate high-profile heist on the catwalk.”
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #2 is out now from DC Comics/DC Digital First

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