SWAG Adventures: Enjoying Mead While Binging ‘Crossing Swords’

by Gary Catig

With many conventions being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, opportunities to collect unique giveaways have been rare. My last SWAG Adventure was back in February when WonderCon revealed this year’s program cover art from Jen Bartel. Alas, that con, too, was an event cancelled by COVID-19. So it’s been a while, but I was excited to receive a mailer from the Hulu stop-motion animated series Crossing Swords complete with swag.
The fantasy comedy is the creation of John Harvatine IV and Tom Root; best known for their work on Robot Chicken. The story follows Patrick, a principled young man with a heart of gold who becomes a squire in the royal castle. He gradually becomes disillusioned as he sees firsthand how corrupt the kingdom is and he struggles with maintaining his ideals of heroism while not being tainted by his superiors. The show’s adorable, retro Little-People-peg-figure aesthetic greatly contrasts to all the debauchery and shenanigans occurring within its story.

To help promote the show, Hulu put together a mailer to send out. Inside was a kit to make a “Ye Olde Mead” cocktail — including the directions, tools, and ingredients needed to craft such a fine beverage. Mead is the perfect drink to have while watching the medieval adventure.

In addition to the cocktail-related items, there was a little something extra: a little handcrafted Patrick figure to accompany you and make sure you’re not drinking alone.
Crossing Swords
Stream the entire first season of Crossing Swords now on Hulu. Then later this month, catch their panel during San Diego Comic-Con@Home. Hear from the creatives and cast and maybe they’ll reveal a little bit about the second season.

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