Titan Comics Give Us A First Look At ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ #1 Based On The PS4 Video Game

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau

Based on the hit PS4 game, Titan Comics have revealed a first look at their upcoming series as well as all the variant covers too for Horizon Zero Dawn #1 written by Anne Toole, one of the writers of Horizon Zero Dawn, with artwork by  artist Ann Maulina. 
“Set on a far future Earth, where nature has reclaimed the planet but massive, animal-like machines now rule the land, Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, an extraordinary young woman whose quest to solve the riddle of her mysterious origins takes her deep into the ruins of the ancient past.”
It’s also worth reminding reader that Horizon Zero Dawn FCBD #0 will be on offer as a giveaway on July 22nd, one of several Free Comic Book days planned for this summer to help regenerate business and enthusiasm. Look out for this free comic then, and pick up Horizon Zero Dawn #1 on Wednesday August 5, 2020.Now, check out all of the covers, from the likes of Stanley ‘Artgerm’ LauPeach Momoko and Loish.
Game art wraparound cover

Cover by Loish

Cover by Ann Maulina

Cover by Peach Mokoko

Blue line sketch variant

Horizon Zero Dawn FCBD #0

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