Come For The Action Stay For The Drama: ‘Gemini Man’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James

In Gemini Man a retired assassin is forced to confront the ghosts of his past in the form of a clone of his younger self. Director Ang Lee and lead actor Will Smith have had several hits and misses. Is Gemini Man a comeback or is this action movie better off retired?


While the digital de-aging of Will Smith works for the most part, there are a few instances where it looks awkward. It’s not “Superman’s mustache” level bad but it’s noticeable.


The cast of Gemini Man is fantastic. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim) comes as a surprise hit with dry wit and gritty fight choreography. Clive Owen (Children of Men) also shines as the film’s icy antagonist, emitting menace but not without empathy. Will Smith “knocks it out of the park” in the duel roles of his older and younger selves. The level of nuance and emotion to the performance adds an unexpected layer of gravitas to this high concept action film.


Gemini Man delivers something that current Hollywood films are sorely lacking; an original idea that’s not a reboot, sequel, or part of a shared universe. It’s a PG13 action movie that takes itself seriously and doesn’t feel the need to pander to a family audience. It’s the sort of film that could have come out during the early days of Mission Impossible or Will Smith in iRobot. While the action is spectacular it was the compelling drama that won me over with Gemini Man.

Gemini Man is currently streaming for free on Epix.

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