Perfect Quarantine Entertainment: A Filthy Lot Debuts Drawn & Cornered YouTube Series

by James Ferguson

Vancouver based YouTube studio A Filthy Lot is expanding with a new regular series, Drawn & Cornered, providing a bit more than your typical interview show. The web-series hosted by N.A. Razzak featuring an in-depth conversation with established and up-and-coming comic book artists while they draw a piece suggested by a viewer. The drawings will then be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a charity of the artist’s choosing. The first episode featuring Simon Roy is available now.

Drawn & Cornered is a partnership between Razzak and co-creator Lonnie Nadler. They met in the local film industry and bonded over a shared love of comics.

Razzak says:

By the time I was fifteen I had lived in four cities across three countries and two continents, so I was used to change; be it location, school, friends, etc. One of the only constants in my life, aside from my immediate family, was comic books. I could always find a comic shop and my dad was always accommodating of my addiction to art and storytelling, so wherever we were in the world, he always took me to the shops and would buy me comics.

It’s clear Drawn & Cornered comes form the heart. I’m excited to see who else in lined up for the series moving forward.

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