Steampunk, Adventure, And Cosmic Horror: ‘Democritus Brand And The Endless Machine’ Launches On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Cullen Bunn, Jimmy Z Johnston, and Federico de Luca launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to fund the release of the first two issues of their upcoming comic book series, Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine. The series will be co-written by Bunn and Johnston, with De Luca on art and Simon Bowland on letters.

Here’s what Cullen Bunn has to say about the series:

Democritus Brand is a new adventurer in a steampunk version of the Victorian era. Exploring the world via his state-of-the-art airship, accompanied by a host of skilled companions, Brand is an archaeologist who is seeking the truth about the steam-driven wonders that have changed the world forever. This truth, of course, is not necessarily all that pleasant.

The series is described on Kickstarter as a tale of cosmic horror in the steampunk era.
In 1861… an excavation in Egypt uncovers a most unusual mummy. The body is a fusion of preserved flesh and strange steam technology, like a steam-era cyborg… but the mummy is THOUSANDS of years old. This represents a vast, alien technology that came to Earth centuries ago. 
Could this be how the pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed? This discovery launches a neo-industrial revolution–a burgeoning age of steam and clockworks. From advanced locomotion and flying machines… to streamlined communication… to pneumatic servants and soldiers, the steam-driven technology was meant to make the lives of the Crown’s citizens easier.
But it spun out of control.
It is now 1891.

This campaign is a little unusual in Kickstarter terms, as the team is offering not just the first chapter in this campaign, but the second as well. The art for those two chapters is already completed. All that remains is to finalize the lettering and design, and then print.  
The rewards for this campaign start at just $5 for a digital copy of the first chapter. There is a variant cover of chapter one by Baldemar Rivas being offered starting at the $45 ($40 Early Bird) level, which includes PDF editions of both chapters, KS print editions of both chapters, a Baldemar Rivas Variant of #1, and PDFs of the scripts for both editions. 
The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

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