Pick Of The Week: Comics For Your Consideration

by Olly MacNamee

Another week short on new books, but there are certainly some worth looking out for. Here’s three titles, at least, of this past week’s comics that took our fancy…

Fantastic Four: Empyre #0 (Marvel)
Written by Dan Slott with art by R.B. Silva this entertaining and engaging diversion from the regular series sees the Fantastic Four break down in space only to be transported to a local casino where they get embroiled in local troubles. The humour in this book keeps the comic from descending into a cosmic slugfest, as does the solution to the particular problem that comes for an unexpected quarter. A great example of all the strengths of the regular Fantastic Four book all in this one-shot. If you aren’t reading Dan Slott’s run of Marvel’s first family, maybe pick this up as a taster. – Olly MacNamee

The Green Lantern Season 2 #5 (DC Comics)
Another crazy mind-altering chapter in this quintessential Green Lantern saga that tries to incorporate all the weird and the wonderful from Hal Jordan’s tenure as Earth cosmic cop and tries to weave it all together into one consistent timeline from Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp. This issue sees more delving into DC’s forgotten past and the reappropriate in of lost Silver Age characters you’ve probably never heard of before. An original take on a classic character as only Morrison can conjure up. – Olly MacNamee

Young Justice #16
Taking a leaf from the recent Birds of Prey film is this week’s Young Justice #16 by Brian Michale Bendis, David Walker and guest artist Scott Godlewski m we are given the emancipation of Bart Allen in an issue spotlighting this teen tearaway who may have recently reappeared into this current version of the DCU but hasn’t really had a moment to stop and smell the flowers yet. Well, this issue gives him that chance, and a chance for readers to catch up with Bart as well as Superboy, himself not that long returned to this reality either.  – Olly MacNamee
That’s three from me, but what’s everyone else been reading?

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