Jenny Frison Joins BOOM! Studios Cover Cavalcade

by James Ferguson

BOOM! Studios has been signing some top notch artists to deals to produce a number of variant covers. These don’t appear to be exclusive, but it is showing the publisher’s commitment to great artwork…and variant covers. Jenny Frison is the latest artist to sign a deal. She’ll create twenty covers for BOOM! Studios through 2021.

Frison says:

For me, cover art is all about mood and emotion.  Expressing a feeling.  I want people to pick up a comic because they are drawn to the cover and how it makes them feel.  With BOOM!, I feel so lucky to be able to work on so many titles from multiple genres. . . from spies and secret societies in Seven Secrets, and horror like Something is Killing the Children, to the magic and mystery of Faithless or An Unkindness of Ravens. . . while still focusing on the emotionally motivated and character driven covers I love.

Frison’s artwork will be next appear in September’s We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 and An Unkindness of Ravens #1. We’ll also see her work grace the covers for October’s Something is Killing the Children #11 and Seven Secrets #4, then on an unannounced project in December.

Matt Gagnon, Editor in Chief, BOOM! Studios added:

We’ve worked with Jenny for years on hit projects from The Woods to the massive Hellmouth event series last year and she’s inspired us with her emotionally resonant work time and again. From We Only Find Them When They’re Dead to Seven Secrets, Jenny is delivering unforgettable covers for our biggest original series.

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