Tinyview Expands With Three New Bite-Size Comics

by James Ferguson

Tinyview is making it easier than ever to check out new comics right on your phone. The app has opened up to some new artists and titles with three new series: Itchy Feet by Malachi Ray Rempen, Matt Bors by…Matt Bors, and Product Plug.

The intention of Tinyview is to provide bite-size, easy to read comics that scroll up and down on your phone. The app launched in December of last year with In Science We Trust from Andy Warner, Jack Richardson, and Sarah Zielinski. This, along with the other three new series are live now in the Tinyview app.

Raj Lalwani, CEO of Tinyview says:

Tinyview’s bite-size comics offer entertainment outside of social media when there’s time to kill, say a coffee break or while waiting in a line. It makes sense to have the comics scroll up and down so they are easy to read on smartphones. We are excited to bring new comic series from Malachi and Matt to help expand their reach and readership in a whole new way. We are also looking forward to bringing on more great comics creators in the future.

Itchy Feet is about travel, life in foreign countries, and learning new languages. Expect an array of exaggerated facial expressions, humorous situations involving foreigners and foreign lands, and ordinary silliness.
Itchy Feet creator Malachi Ray Rempen says:

Reading comics on your phone was a dystopian nightmare of constant pinching and squinting—until Tinyview came along! Getting your panels delivered in a finger-friendly way is probably the best thing to happen to comics since the Sunday funnies in color.

Matt Bors delves into everything from mass protests to Trump and the Coronavirus as Bors chronicles America’s march into a strange dystopian future.
Matt Bors says:

Tinyview is creating the future daily comics page that newspapers used to provide. The phone will be the new comics page and creators applaud Tinyview for enabling that future.

Product Plug focuses on life and technology. Fictional characters Raj and his daughter Somya make observations about technology and their own experience with products.
Tinyview is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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