Preview: Has Mr Terrific Only Made Matters Worse In ‘Strange Adventures’ #3?

by Olly MacNamee

Hero of Rann, Adam Strange, continues to be picked apart by Tom KingMitch Gerads and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner in this Black Label maxi-series that flits between the grounded retirement of Adam and his yesteryears worth of space-faring feats in this week’s Strange Adventures #3. Step forward Mr Terrific to lend an unappreciated hand in our preview of today’s new issue:

“Can Adam Strange handle the truth? After the cosmic adventurer was accused of murder and had his whole record as a soldier questioned, he turned to Batman for help clearing his name. But someone else was needed to ensure that the investigation would be truly impartial. Enter Mr. Terrific, the man for whom “Fair Play” is a credo to live by.”

Olly MacNamee

A unashamed DC Comics fan and sometime teacher for over 20 years! I got lucky and found the escape hatch. Now, I just read and write about comics all day long. Co-host of the ICE-Cast podcast and one third of the brains behind Birmingham's street art and graffiti festival High Vis Fest.

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