New Challengers Approach! UDON Debuts Cammy & Fei Long Pins

by James Ferguson

UDON Entertainment’s pin game is strong. The publisher is releasing a bunch of really cool enamel pins with new ones debuting every week for both the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises. We already saw what we can expect from Mega Man this week and now we’ve got a glimpse of Cammy and Fei Long, the newest additions to the Pin-Fighter collectible pin series.

The intention of Pin-Fighter is to feature every character from the series with new pins featured each week in a sales duel. In a surprise move, UDON has offered a limited quantity of all six fighters released so far.
The first line up consists of all 36 playable characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3 featuring brand new artwork by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz based on actual sprites from the game. Each pin is limited in quantity between 100 and 375. For more information and to order these sweet pins, check out

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