Noah Centineo Joins ‘Black Adam’ As Atom Smasher

by Erik Amaya

It seems Noah Centineo is trading in his Masters of the Universe status for a DC Comics credential.
Variety reports the actor has signed on to play Atom Smasher in Black Adam, the long-awaited film debut of the Shazam villain staring Dwayne Johnson in the title role. In the comics, Atom Smasher is the godson of the Golden Age Atom and has the ability to alter his size and density; allowing him super strength and stamina. Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway, he debuted in 1983’s All-Star Squadron #25 as Nuklon (real name: Al Rothstein), but would take on the Atom Smasher persona when he joined the Justice Society of America in the early 2000s.
And this is where the Black Adam connection comes in. In that version of the JSA, which also featured the Jack Knight Starman at times, Stargirl, and the Golden Age Flash, Green Lantern, and Wildcat, Black Adam was one of their foes before joining the team for a time. Al doubted Adam’s intentions, but the two eventually formed an alliance. This bond was strengthened when they left the team together and, eventually, Al helped Adam free his homeland of Khandaq.
What this means for the Black Adam film is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Atom Smasher will be an ally or a member of a JSA built specifically to oppose Adam. Either way, it is exciting, though, as it means characters from deeper in the DC Comics library are getting their day in the cinematic sun.
At one time, Centineo was set to play He-Man in the always-in-development Masters of the Universe film, but it is unclear if this is still the case as the project changes director and vision constantly. Last year, the film was set for a March 5th, 2021 release (reportedly on Netflix), but then Sony removed it from any release slot back in January. While he may still be under contract to play He-Man, it seems Black Adam will get the benefit of his training regimen.
Black Adam is set for release on December 21, 2021.

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