Review: ‘The Ludocrats’ #3 Is Another Gloriously Daft Issue From Gillen, Rossignol And Stokley

by Olly MacNamee

Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, Jeff Stokely and Tamra Bonvillian return us to the world of the Ludocrats – think Asterix if produced by Ralph Bakshi – as they continue to dumbfound readers with their ridiculous, energetic, spontaneous brand of anarchic fun, but with a slightly darker hue to proceedings in this issue, as subtly reflected in the darker colors Bonvillain brings to play on the unfolding events of this issue.
Once again we have an issue brimming with excess. Nothing is done in half-measures and nothing is gained without an over-the-top reaction. Usually with Otto Von Hades at the heart of it. 

But with the encroaching darker tone comes the bigger threat to the Ludocrats very existence as the technicolored idocracy that it is. 
By this third issue readers should have come acclimatised enough with the linguistic shenanigans of Gillen and Rossignol to make a good deal of sense of the ongoing banter between the various assorted characters who have come together to fight of the threat to this reality – homogenisation! Oh the horror, the horror!
A world without ludicrousness? A wold with boundaries, rules and grey people? No thanks. I’m already living in that world, why do you think I buy so many comics a month?

All the while, Stokely is working overtime bringing to life the daft designs put forward by the two scribes of this series. When you clap eyes on the Obscebitarium, you’ll certainly get an idea of the love, sweat and beers that have gone into this comic book. And, in offering us a very different take on the Hero’s Quest, we are given a guided tour of a brave new funky world ripe for revisiting. 
This is a comic that bathes in its ridiculousness and rudeness unapologetically. A good dose of unadulterated fun, plain and simple. And out now!
The Ludocrats #3 is available now from Image Comic

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