Pick Of The Week: Our Round-Up Of Reading Recommendations For The Past Week Of New Comics

by Olly MacNamee

As Marvel start ramping up their publishing once again, a long with a good deal of other publishers, there’s a good deal more comics out there vying for your attention and hard-earned bucks. Here’s three titles that caught our eye this week which we would highly recommend to you, should you be paying. visit to your local comic book store in person or online. I’m sure they’d appreciate the support.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 (DC Comics)
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
A summer crossover blockbuster that doesn’t take itself too seriously. An over-the-top series with equally over-the-top charters such as B.Rex and Batmobeast and a storyline that couldn’t be any more representative of DC Comics, with a crisis of the Multiverse and our heroes knocked down, but not out. Get the popcorn out and just enjoy the ride! – Olly MacNamee

Strange Adventures #3 (DC Comics/DC Black Label)
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner
A triumphant third issue which swaps from the swashbucklingclassic Flash Gordon-like action of Adam’s adventures on Rann as depicted with wide-eyed wonder by Shaner to the more grounded, but troubling life in retirement here on Earth, courtesy of artist Gerads and a Justice League investigation into our hero’s life. And, while Iw as worried we weer witnessing a glorification of the military in this series – Adam is casted as such in this series’ debut issue – by the end of the book I am left with the feeling that what King is indeed doing is questioning that very thing and asking whether we should make heroes out of our military? Especially when many do not act very heroically. A great series so far and highly recommended. – Olly MacNamee

Undone By Blood #4, (AfterShock),
Words by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson,
Art by Sami Kivelä,
Colors by Jason Wordie,
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

If Ethel suspected before that the only way her family’s killer was ever going to be found is if she caught him herself, Undone by Blood #4 confirms it. Last issue ended with a young man falling to his death because he panicked when he heard the police coming. Ethel had been running after him at the time, so it seemed possible that she might get blamed for him falling, but Nadler and Thompson do something completely different with the storyline that’s rawer and more personal.

It’s amazing how much of Sweetheart we’ve gotten to see over the course of the series. There’s a silent page in this issue where Ethel walks by some of the places she’s been, and it shows what a terrific job Kivelä has done giving all of the buildings memorable exteriors.

Wordie always included a few spots of color in the flashbacks, but you can tell the murders are getting closer by the increase in red. Otsmane-Elhaou continues to do a great job creating speech bubbles for the real world and the story within a story (Ethel’s Western novel). One of my favorite pieces of dialogue is when a character says two different last names, and you’re so ready to think it’s a typo, when it’s not. Undone by Blood has been a masterstroke from the start and is one of the most consistent series to come out this year. – Rachel Bellowoar

Giant Sized X-Men: Magneto #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Johnathan Hickman
Artist: Ramon Perez
“This (one-shot) is a VERY fun story. I’ve been excited for more of Hickman’s Namor since the brief scene in Atlantis back in Powers of X and pairing Namor with Magneto is a fantastic combination. Though there’s a lot more quiet contemplation here than past Magneto stories he’s written, this is another example of how well Hickman writes Magneto. Add the two big plots this sets up – Magneto holding some sort of Atlantean artefact and Emma Frost having some sort of facility on this island – and this is an engrossing, if light, issue.
There’s no question that this issue is probably the best thing Perez has ever drawn. Without losing his distinct expressive style, he uses an inkwash style that evokes House of X artist Pepe Larraz, while drawing breathtaking landscapes, quiet character moments, and explosive action. It looks great.” – Tony Thornley

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