Captain America/Iron Man Mash-Up, The Civil Warrior, Found Exclusively in ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

It looks like the addition of Alpha Flight’s Guardian and Sasquatch aren’t the only new content hitting Marvel Contest of Champions this month. Civil Warrior is an original Marvel character exclusively created for the award-winning mobile fighting game. Read the quick bio from his in-game story below:
There are many rumors about the origin of the mysterious Civil Warrior… legend says he is a Captain America from an alternate Earth ravaged by the Civil War between his own army and Iron Man’s forces. In that world, the two heroes mortally wounded each other in the final battle of the war; Steve survived, but Tony didn’t. Riddled with guilt for the battle’s destruction and the death of his former ally at his own hands, he assumed the mantle of the Civil Warrior. Adding Tony’s ARC technology to his Captain America gear, he vowed to use his friend’s legacy to stop this senseless conflict from ever happening again.
Consult Civil Warrior’s spotlight here to learn more about the champion. In addition, Kabam has teamed up with James Hobson a.k.a. The Hacksmith to create Captain America’s Arc Reactor Shield. The prototype is inspired by Civil Warrior’s character. See how the Hacksmith produced this one of a kind item in the video below.

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