Horror and Comedy Collide In Liam Vickers’ New Cartoon Series ‘Internecion Cube’

by Tito W. James

I had the pleasure of chatting with Liam Vickers (Cliffside) on the Listen To My Art Podcast. There, we discussed his love of psychological thriller anime and the desire to push American cartoons in that direction.

Vicker’s new project, Internecion Cube, appears to be a spiritual successor to Cliffside; featuring a similar trio of protagonists. But in this case, the characters and world enter the realm of SciFi-Horror and tonally skews more mature. The darker tone benefits the series and Vickers’ talent for atmospheric dread, elastic action, and ecchi comedy are on full display.

Even from the rough animatics seen here, I was sucked into the world and characters. I’ll be eager to see where Internecion Cube goes next!

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