New ‘Ninjak’ Globetrotting Spy Saga From Parker, Pulido And Valiant

by Gary Catig

Next year, Valiant Entertainment’s British ninja superspy is returning with his own new series. Ninjak, who was originally created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada, will have a thrilling story like no other in 2021.
The creative team will consist of Ringo Award-winning writer, Jeff Parker, and talented artist, Javier Pulido. In the hero’s latest series, all of Colin King’s secrets are revealed and the world’s criminal organizations will be gunning for Ninjak. With nowhere else to hide, can he survive the onslaught?

Parker spoke highly of his fellow co-creator:

I love how Javier’s mind works. He comes up with the most brilliant panel progressions and layouts, and very striking compositions that look so simple but you have to be a next-level talent to attempt a lot of what he does.

Pulido added, “”Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins’ relentless support, along with Jeff’s steely story-sense for adventure, and Ninjak is the action book I’ve wanted to work on for years. In fact, it’s designed to grab the reader by the throat as soon as the first page is opened.”

Hawkins likes the creative team assembled:

Jeff weaves a spy thriller that starts at full throttle and never lets up! Coupled with the eye-popping bold strokes of Javier’s art style, you’ve never seen Ninjak like this before!

No exact release date for Ninjak #1 has been announced but look for it some time in 2021.

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