UDON Entertainment Adds Robotech And Persona 5 Items To SDCC Exclusives

by James Ferguson

We got a glimpse of UDON Entertainment’s convention exclusives earlier this week with some sweet Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Monster Hunter World pins. It turns out they weren’t done as they just added more products, available today through UDONPins.com.

First up we’ve got some new Robotech pins, including a Macross Lynn Minmay Doll Collectible pin, Ben Dixon’s VF-1A and Jack Archer’s VF-1J Macross VF Fighter pins. The Minmay pin measures at 1.75” tall and comes mounted on a backing card that resembles the cover art of the vintage Macross model kits from the 1980’s. The VF Fighter pins are about 2.5” long with a 2” wingspan.

But wait! There’s more! UDON has announced new Persona 5 merchandise with a series of three t-shirts. Futaba, Joker, and Ann are featured in these new shirts also available today.

Finally, UDON is opening the vault for classic Morgana pins. For the first time, you’ll be able to choose your Morgana from among four variants. All of these are available at UDONpins.com.

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