Comic-Con@Home: Crunchyroll Showcases Aztec Anime ‘Onyx Equinox’ And More

by Gary Catig

Anime distributor, publisher and licensing company, Crunchyroll, held their Comic-Con@Home industry presentation on Thursday. They began touting their streaming service, which has over 1,000 titles and more than 30,000 episodes of anime. Viewers can also get a sampling of what they have to offer through HBO Max. They then plugged their own virtual event, Crunchyroll Expo 2020, which will have wolrd premieres, amazing guests and exclusive merchandise.
But the presentation also offered glimpses of new series set to debut on their streaming service in the near future. Rent-a-Girlfriend is rom-com about a young man who turns to a mobile app for a hired girlfriend. What initially begins as fake love becomes real and things become complicated. The God of High School is a Crunchyroll original based off of a web comic in which a high school teen enters an all-style martial arts tournament run by a shady corporation. Contestants use borrowed power from the gods to aid them to, hopefully, get their wish fulfilled for winning it all.
Also arriving soon are the culinary based Food Wars! The Fifth Plate and the third season of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU; which continues the story of loner Hachiman Hikigaya after joining a service club. Another original is Gibiate, in which a samurai and ninja time travel to a future where a virus changes people into monsters. They team up with a doctor to survive and to help find a cure.

Crunchyroll does more than just anime and they highlighted their other products during the hour. They have their own limited-edition streetwear brand, CRLoves, that features different properties. In this time of COVID-19, you can find virtual zoom backgrounds in their store for your telecommuting needs. They also have several mobile games like Mass for the Dead, Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes, and Grand Summoners — which has a current event crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho.
In the latter half, they also covered new announcements with regards to their upcoming series and products. Onyx Equinox is a Crunchyroll Original focused on an Aztec-inspired supernatural world and the one person chosen to be humanity’s new champion against demonic threats. It is not yet scheduled for release. So I’m a Spider so What? — due for release in January 2021 — is another original about a girl reincarnated as a spider in a fantasy world. But before either show debuts, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime OAD 5 will bout this November.

In October, Crunchyroll will release With a Dog and Cat, Everyday is Fun, which is kind of like a pet odd couple; The Hidden Dungeon I Can Only Enter, a fantasy adventure about a boy named Noir who sets out to train and obtain enough experience and treasure to change his fate; a new season of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord; and the Crunchyroll Original, Tonikawa.
The company has three new manga titles that are coming out soon, including Ashidaka: The Iron Hero, a science-fiction Shonen action series where the titular character assembles his companions to confront a demon bearing a hundred pairs of metal arms; the next chapter in the Cardcaptor Sakura series, Clean Card; and The Ghost in the Shell: Human Algorithm, which fills in the gap between Human Error Processor and Man-Machine Interface.
The panel ended with a pair of new anime titles. Ex-Arm is about a high school student who hates machines, but finds himself restored as an “Ex-Arm,” sixteen years after his death sixteen. Finally, Monster Girl Doctor, like its name suggests, is about a physician in a fantasy world who specializes in treating various monsters. Look for this series to be on the streaming service soon.

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