Comic-Con@Home: The Brave New World Of TwoMorrows Panel

by Benjamin Hall

(Warning of talk of the COVID-19 pandemic and a surgery.)

TwoMorrows Publishing’s publisher John Morrow starts (and moderates) the panel. He talks about changes and non-changes that are happening with TwoMorrows Publishing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. One such change being how the company is now offering a half-year subscription. Another change is how the company is working on a deal with a different book store distributor. A non-change is that they are remaining with Diamond to distribute to comic book stores.


Also Morrow (and the other panelists) discuss how there is uncertainty in the publishing industry due to the pandemic. The portions of the panel featuring writers and editors Keith Dallas, Mike Manley, and Eric Nolen-Weathington are a little heavier with discussing the pandemic. Thus some potential viewers may not find this to be the best time to view this panel. However, this panel does inform regular, occasional, and potential buyers about the companies upcoming works. One highlight being writer John B. Cooke’s interviewing of comic creators like Wendy Pini, Timothy Truman, Terry Dodson and Barry Windsor-Smith. While another highlight is writer and podcaster Mike Manley discussing his Youtube channel Pencil to Pencil. Manley also discusses a recent surgery that unfortunately affects his ability to teach a college level class on comics.

The majority of this video panel’s discussion is mainly expansions on these topics. However, there are a few tidbits about personal lives, and Tomorrows Publishing’s product line that devotees of the company may find interesting. One particularly aspect is what TwoMorrows Publishing had to do with some of the product due to the pandemic. There are also several mentions of how they are happy about the customer support during this problematic time period.


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