Comic-Con@Home: ‘Wynonna Earp’ Cast Teases Season 4 And Has Fun On Zoom

by Erik Amaya

It has been nearly two years since a new episode of Wynonna Earp aired, but the wait is almost over. And to celebrate, the cast of the show assembled for a Comic-Con@Home panel on Saturday. And, as with the show’s real-life panels, it was an opportunity to celebrate, goof off, and have fun. Just this time, it happened over a Zoom call.
And after a five-minute recap of the first three seasons, stars Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, Katherine Barrell, Varun Saranga, and showrunner Emily Andras answer question from fans, the Earpers, compiled from Twitter and previewed the happenings coming in the long-awaited fourth season.
Well, they showed a couple of minutes from tomorrow night’s premiere episode, anyway.
Based on the comics by Beau Smith and various artists, Scrofano stars as Wynonna Earp, the great-great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp. Cursed to face demonic versions of the 77 men he killed in his lifetime, she returns to her hometown to finally deal with the family business. Along the way, she meets Doc Holiday (Rozon), who is still alive after spending a century in a well. She also reconnects with her sister, Waverly (Provost-Chalkley), and becomes aware of supernatural happenings in the world. Of course, after three seasons, the story has become more complicated, intimate, and surprising.
But it took a long pause when budget issues prevented a speedy production going into Season 4. At one point, it seemed the show would be cancelled despite Syfy ordering two additional seasons. Soon, the fans took to the Internet, paid for billboards in Times Square, and did their darnedest to prove to the production company that people would fight for Wynonna.
“I like it because it’s no pressure on Season 4. It doesn’t keep me up at night,” quipped Andras. She admitted the fan campaign did create some anxiety, but then she would recall the best way to repay the Earpers was to “make more of the show.”
One major change for the series is new night — Sunday instead of the traditional Friday. The program is also moving to a 10pm timeslot, which allows the series to move into TV-MA territory; a fact punctuated by some censored swears during a clip featuring Wynonna and Nedley (Greg Lawson) getting ready to retrieve Waverly and Doc from their Season 3 cliffhanger. Andras appreciated the benefits of a later timeslot. “I think we can definitely make it more sexy, more violent. Nedley can drop more f-bombs,” she said. But the latitude to be graphic will not change the program’s spirit. “I would not say the show is more mature,” Andras said. “It’s still goofy and everything you love.”
Of course, most of the hour was devoted to silly games revealing just how much of a family the Wynonna team has become. The group’s attempt to re-create Rozon’s saying “Wynonna” was a particular highlight — it descended into everyone just saying the name over and over. The cast still have one more task ahead of them regarding Season 4: finishing it. But as Canada’s film industry is already starting up again, the team has returned to Calgary to film the remaining episodes. And one assumes the already ordered Season 5 will closely follow.
Well, one supposes the show always needs at least one cliff to hang off of, right?
Wynonna Earp premiere tomorrow on Syfy.

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