‘Funny Creek’: A Weekly Digital Comic About Childhood Innocence, Violence And Coping With Tragedy

by Olly MacNamee

Coming this August as a weekly digital comic is ComiXology Originals’ Funny Creek, a 5-issue limited series beginning August 4 and co-written by Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque with art by Eduardo Medeiros, colors by Priscilla Tramontano and letters by Bernardo Brice.
“Set in 1985, young children Lilly and Andy are great friends who both admire the animated wild-west themed TV show Funny Creek. When a terrible tragedy occurs, Lilly finds herself trapped inside her favorite cartoon inhabited by good boys, bad boys and clowns. But the bright world of Funny Creek isn’t as far from the pains of the real world as she had hoped. She joins with Clumsy and Cody to face the devilish villains of Cold Joe and his gang of goons in a showdown in Funny Creek Town. But being a hero isn’t as simple as she thought. As Lilly is pushed deeper into the adventure she is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions—not only inside The Funny Creek show, but also in the real world—and must overcome her troubles and make her way home”.
Funny Creek deals with such heavy issues as the banalization of violence on our society and its potential consequences, but is still a book aimed at younger readers primarily. It may very well start off with a cartoonish style to it, but expect the characters in Funny Creek to develop into deeper and more layered than at first sight.
It’s the first of four comic book series to be out out from writer/artist Albuquerque’s Stout Club Entertainment and the preview definitely shows promise.
Funny Creek #1 will be out on August 4th with subsequent issues published weekly in both English and Portuguese editions and available at no additional cost, for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited.


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