End Your Summer Qualifying For ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ 2020 Summoner Showdown

by Gary Catig

Popular mobile brawler Marvel Contest of Champions is holding a world wide tournament this summer. From August 17th to September 21st, the 2020 Summoner Showdown will take place. Players from the Americas, Europe, Russia, Asia and Oceania can compete.
In the three weeks of qualifications, combatants must use their best four-star champion to conquer powerful bosses. The qualifiers refresh week to week, so there are a total of three chances to become a Summoner Showdown semifinalist. Battle Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man (Infinity War) for an opportunity to advance to the next round.
In order to be eligible, you must be level 60 and a Cavalier (Completed Act 6, Chapter 1 in Story Mode). The top players from each region move into the semifinals (3 players a week with 9 total semifinalists). There is no limit how many times you can attempt the qualifier and you will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Successfully beating the opponent
  • Hits Received (i.e., if more than one player defeats the opponent, the player with less hits will advance)
  • Fight Duration (i.e., if more than one player defeats the opponent, and they also have the same number of hits received, the player with the shorter fight duration will advance)
  • Damage per second (i.e., if more than one player defeats the opponent, they also have the same number of hits received, and their fight duration is the same, the player who had the higher Damage per Second value will advance)
  • If no player defeats the opponent, the Summoner who put more damage to the opponent will advance.

Players ineligible can still participate by playing on the Showup difficulty in the quest in order to earn completion rewards.
The tournament continues in October, when the semifinalists compete across three separate matches. The finals will take place the following month. Fans can tune into the Marvel Contest of Champions YouTube channel and Marvel Entertainment’s social channels for all the action.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download now. Full information on the Summoner Showdown including rules and prizing details can be found on the official website.

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