Review: Secrets Revealed And New Paths Taken In ‘Ghosted In LA #11’

by James Ferguson

Of all the times for the things to go crazy at Rycroft Manor, why did it have to be during UCLA’s queer prom? Although the resident’s there are ghosts, it doesn’t mean they’re not in danger. Daphne rushes in to help but she’s not alone. Her old roommate is in tow, ready to exorcise the spirits once and for all.

There’s a lot going on in Ghosted in LA #11. It feels like the series is wrapping up, which is certainly possible, although I hope that’s not the case. Writer Sina Grace ties up a few loose ends while introducing some amazing new ideas that could catapult the comic into some intriguing places, all while building up the characters – both alive and dead. That’s pretty impressive.
Since there is so much ground to cover, things can feel a little rushed here and there. Based on the sheer volume of movement, I have to wonder if this was condensed at all. It doesn’t take away from the story though as each beat is given just enough time to sink in and resonate.

As has become tradition with Ghosted in LA, Grace also illustrates the first few pages, delving into the history of one of the characters, in this case, Agi, the head ghost at Rycroft. This opening segment strikes at the heart of the supernatural element in this series, reminding us again that we’re dealing with ghosts and demons, adding a bit of horror to the otherwise quirky and fun story.
This is amplified by a sinister ghost that comes out of the mysterious door in the basement. It’s made even more unsettling by how it’s shown on the page. It’s like a non-entity, like a shadow come to life. Light seems to gut sucked into it. Colorist Cathy Le differentiates this well from the rest of the ghosts that appear in their normal soft, peaceful blues.

Similarly, letterer DC Hopkins uses black word balloons for it while the rest of the ghosts have their traditional blues, just in case you weren’t sure which side this thing was on. The kicker though is that its words reveal a new look at Rycroft and Agi’s past that changes everything. Looks can be deceiving, folks!
Artist Siobhan Keenan does a brilliant job upping the stakes in Ghosted in LA #11. You can feel the tension as the ghosts team up to try and save Agi. The energy of their auras swirls around the page, showing how they’re putting every fiber of their being into this action. They are determined to see this through.

The characters’ facial expressions say quite a lot, conveying not just the emotion in a given scene, but a bit of comic relief. A great example of this is how Daphne struggles with a strange dagger in a heated scene, then is left with her glasses practically falling off her face right after in a shocked look.
Ghosted in LA already had a great premise and I loved how it has been explored so far. This issue takes some bold steps into what the series can become and it’s pretty awesome. It allows for a tremendous amount of growth for these characters, taking them in new and interesting directions. Who said you had to be alive to have character development? This is easily one of the best comics on the stands right now.
Ghosted in LA #11 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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