More Hard Case Crime From Titan Comics With ‘The Big Hoax’ Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Titan Comics’ crime drama imprint, Hard Case Crimes, continues to impress with its presentation of European comic albums (bande dessinee) into English translated editions. The Big Hoax by Carlos Trillo and Roberto Mandrafina is a crime-noir mystery surrounding a young woman in a 20th Century Banana Republic and looks like its been riled straight from the golden era of Hollywood noir, but in color!

“Set in an unnamed country, a young woman’s virginity becomes the center of a disturbing mystery which escalates into a national scandal. The story unfolds between her relationship with the man hired to help her, and the danger they find themselves in when an enigmatic lizard-hitman called The Iguana will stop at nothing to conceal the truth.”
Out now from Titan Comics, and previewed below:

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