‘Knight Rider’ To Crusade Again As A Feature With Producer James Wan

by Erik Amaya

Michael Knight will begin his lone crusade again in a feature film if James Wan has anything to say about it.
Variety reports the Aquaman filmmaker has signed on as an executive producer of a film based on the 1980s hit series Knight Rider. The program, which ran on NBC from 1982 to 1986, told the tale of a lone crusader, played by David Hasselhoff, who championed the cause of the innocent and helpless in a world of criminals who operated above the law. He was aided in his crusade by the Knight Industries Two Thousand, a souped up Pontiac Firebird with an onboard AI nicknamed “KITT” (voiced by William Daniels). The two technically worked for the Foundation for Law And Government, but they straddled the line between government agents and private detectives.
When ratings declined, the show reworked KITT into a partial transformer, but it did little to save the it from cancellation. Various attempts have been made to bring the show back over the years, but none recaptured the spark of Hasselhoff and Daniels had as the leads.
Wan’s Atomic Monster production company will produce the film with Michael Clear also serving as a producer. Judson Scott will serve as an executive producer while TJ Fixman is set to write the screenplay.
It will be interesting if they can capture the specific energy the original stars brought to the concept and if they’ll resist the temptation to modernize KITT with a fancy new car. The sleek look of the Firebird is literally half the appeal and few cars today match it. And at this point, the retro appeal would be there even if KITT’s inventors claim it has a modern engine under the hood.

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