Preview: Leeds Disunited In ‘Ask For Mercy Season Three: A World of Disquiet’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Richard Starkings and Abigail Jill Hardin team up for season three of Ask for Mercy, with the new debut issue out tomorrow, 08.11.2020, on comiXology Originals. This time round, Ask For Mercy Season Three: A World of Disquiet is set in Leeds, England, in the year 2023, and right slap bang in the middle of the apocalypse. And, my old university town and original home to Thought Bubble. Ah, the memories… all about to be wiped out, it would seem!
“In Ask For Mercy Season Three: A World of Disquiet it’s 2023 in Leeds, England and the apocalypse is here. A great evil has befallen the world. Strange squids and whales appear in the sky above cities all over the Earth. While Mercy and Ratmir fight monsters on the street, they meet a young girl named Becky and are charged with looking after her. Is there more to Becky than meets the eye? Is she the key to peace and saving the humans?”
As ever, if a member of of Amazon Prime (via their Prime Reading benefit), Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited you get to read it for free. And, even of your not, here’s preview that’s free too:


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