‘Her Name Is…Savage’ Hits ComiXology With A Bang

by James Ferguson

We’ve watched James Bond fight bad guys and stop international incidents for decades. Now it’s time for someone else to have some fun in Her Name is…Savage, a new graphic novel hitting ComiXology today. Written by Katie Batchelor and Shane Riches, illustrated by Jesus Antonio Hernandez Portaveritas, and colored by Falk Hansel, the comic centers on the most dangerous person on the planet as she returns to the fight to take down a syndicate that wants her dead. Check out a preview of the book from Paper Movies below, along with an exclusive look at three variant covers below.

Co-writer Katie Batchelor says:

After Steven Grant completed the relaunch of Gil Kane’s His Name is…Savage, I pitched my co-writer, Shane Riches, who edited the relaunch, the idea of doing Her Name is…Savage was to create a resilient female lead in her own world – the most dangerous and smartest person on the planet who lunges headfirst into the inferno. Savage is who she is and refuses to be defined by any stereotypes or limiting boundaries.

I will admit that I wasn’t familiar with the relaunch of Savage that Batchelor mentions above, however that doesn’t interfere with the story at all. This is one you can jump right into without any prior knowledge.

Batchelor continued:

We wanted to reimagine the female spy for modern readers and invert traditional spy tropes, similar to what Gil Kane did for the male spy in the sixties. Unlike most spies, Savage is not really a government agent nor does she even trust the government, but she uses the government as a means to her ends, working with them but for her own goals; she also makes herself visible, a blatant target to initiate her cat-and-mouse game which is less about a specific mission and more about how does one person change the world – empowering, cunning, fun badassery.

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