Review: Experience Change With ‘Adventureman #3’

by Benjamin Hall

The cover for this issue features some elements of pulp novel adventure, such as the pirate ship. Also much like issue one’s cover the design is very much like an early twentieth century circus poster. As for the cover colors, they are done with a nice fading of each hue. The lettering assists the overall design, especially how arrangement of the creators names is so formal. While the logo feels somewhat visually different, it is just a simple case of changes in placement and size.

Adventureman #3 (2020) Cover pencils & colors by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson, letters by Clayton Cowles.

When it comes to how the overall narrative reads, one could argue either for the single format or the collection format. This is due to how singles provide supplemental pages that are fun for those who like behind the scenes information. Yet, collections provide larger amounts of the story in one go, and thus details are not easily forgotten by the reader. Speaking of details, we get more depth to the characterization and plot from both the script and art. Though some of the visual characterization could be better regarding a shift to a character. Also, the opening panel comes across as a little jarring, and somewhat poor in quality, until one realizes what the creative team is trying to accomplish. However, both these “problems” are more nitpicks than actual flaws.

The lettering is very nicely done in terms of positioning. Also, the font selection for each type of narrative sequence is still a treat, if not almost an education on fonts. However, there is one moment where a suggestion of high volume is happening, and it feels like it might be a bit off. As for the interior colors, they are still well chosen. While the colors are mostly fine in the application, there is one panel where the location of lighting looks off. Yet, this could be due to helping the artist and writer with a scene transition. In conclusion, this is yet another wonderful issue.

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