Streaming Recommendation: Peacock’s ‘Five Bedrooms’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Hugh Sheridan, Roy Joseph, Katie Robertson, Stephen Peacocke, and Kat Stewart (Photo By: Sarah Enticknap/Peacock)

By now you’ve probably seen the ads for Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service. As long as you don’t mind commercials the platform is free, and there are a lot of good, free films available: Hitchcock films. Spike Lee joints. A bunch of Universal horror movies. Not the kind of stuff you expect for free.
Original shows are only available with a premium subscription and that costs $4.99 per month, but if you have Xfinity it’s free and there’s also a 7-day free trial.
With more and more streaming services launching every day, it starts to become white noise after a while, and it doesn’t help that more platforms mean more confusion about where your favorite shows are streaming.
Free helps, and, for those willing to go the premium route, Five Bedrooms is a new show that just started streaming on Peacock today. Starring Offspring’s Kat Stewart (which is another great binge if you have Netflix or Hulu), Roy Joseph, Kate Jenkinson, Stephen Peacocke, and Doris Younane, the first season is eight episodes and it’s already been renewed in Australia, so it will be coming back for a second season.
The gist is five people from a singles table at a wedding decide to buy a house together. Not that different from roommates renting an apartment together, you’d think, except it is because it’s a house and they own it. Backing out is a much bigger deal, so what could go wrong?
Except a lot goes right, and that’s what’s nice about this series. It might have been a rash decision, and only a few of the investors knew each other beforehand, but instead of showing the arrangement fail, Five Bedrooms shows how it can succeed and makes it something desirable. All of the characters are likable and it’s good drama without the need for things to constantly go wrong. People say the right words and the show isn’t always dealing with misunderstandings.
Here’s a trailer for the first season:

Five Bedrooms starts streaming August 13th on Peacock.

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