‘Bloodshot’ To Return To AMC Theaters

by Erik Amaya

Despite its theatrical run being cut short earlier this year, Bloodshot will head out out again when AMC opens its doors on August 20th.
The film stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a former Marine brought back to life thanks to nanites. They give him super strength and other abilities, but also suppress the memories of his former life. Well, until they give him a vision of the man who murdered him and his wife. He sets out to get his revenge, but is it possible the memories of his killer are false? Ray decides he wants to know the truth and it leads to a whole lot of carnage.
Based, of course, on the Valiant comic book of the same name, Bloodshot opened March 13th, the same weekend most Americans were advised to shelter-at-home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those advisories eventually became orders and movie theaters shuttered completely. According to AMC’s account (via EW), Bloodshot‘s theatrical run was a mere four days.
Distributor Sony Pictures released the film on VOD platforms soon after and had a pretty strong showing at places like Amazon and iTunes. But as AMC is desperate to get people back in theaters, Bloodshot will be part of their 15¢ ticket stunt. The theater chain is also getting ready to screen new films like The Mutants, Bill & Ted Face the Music, and Tenet.
As Comicon contributor Koom Kankesan pointed out recently, going to a movie theater is a difficult experience in the time of COVID no matter the safety precautions and we’re not in any hurry to head back to an indoor theater chain anytime soon. Luckily, several of us have drive-in options not too far from our homes. But for those without the option, we advise extreme caution if you venture out and suggest you wear a mask throughout the film for your protection and the protection of others.
Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Bloodshot will make any kind of impact as US theaters finally open again. We imagine most of the people who wanted to see the film either saw it back in March or when it hit VOD. And, as EW noted, the film is available to Starz subscribers for free.
Bloodshot returns to AMC theaters on August 20th.

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