Christopher Cantwell Shares His Iron Man Plans For New Series

by James Ferguson

Next months sees the launch of a new Iron Man #1 from writer Christopher Cantwell and artists Dafu and Frank D’Armata, taking Tony Stark back to basics. He’ll set aside the high-tech toys and high-profile image to get his hands dirty as a super hero again. Cantwell spoke with about his plans for the series and what we can expect, along with some never-before-seen interior artwork.

“He’s a man who thinks he’s a god and a god who wants to be a man. That to me boils down the conflict of the character. Tony’s ego has always been a major problem for him in his life,” Cantwell told Host Angélique Roché. “The book really starts with Tony taking a look at himself: ‘Who am I really? Who is Iron Man? I want to be a hero again, what does that mean?’”
This series features a new design for the Iron Man armor from Alex Ross. Iron Man #1 is set for release on September 16th, 2020.

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