Jamie Foxx Recommits To ‘Spawn’ Feature

by Erik Amaya

Just about every week for the last 20+ years, there has been some “update” on a new Spawn film. Most of them come from creator Todd McFarlane as he continues to fight to make the movie his way. Consequently, we don’t pay a lot of attention to these “updates” as they usually amount to McFarlane saying “I’m still working on it.” But this caught our eye.
While talking to Yahoo! about his new Netflix film Project Power, actor Jamie Foxx recommitted to staring in the potential Spawn feature. “I surprised Todd McFarlane, walked right into office,” he said. “I said, ‘Bro, I know that one day you will do this movie, and I hope you will keep me in mind.’ What Black Panther did was let us know that it’s so necessary, and it’s the time. And Spawn is just an interesting character in itself. The heads that are being put together to bring you something special … look out.”
At one point, Spawn was nearing production with Foxx as the title character, Jeremy Renner as Twitch, and McFarlane set to direct. But the project was shelved and most assumed Foxx had moved on to other roles. But based on these recent comments, he is still attached and that may eventually attract the money required to make Spawn a reality.
Or, maybe, we’ll be getting Spawn updates from both McFarlane and Foxx for the next twenty-odd years. He could always play Cogliostro if it takes a few more decades to get the film off the ground.
(h/t: The Playlist)

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