Art For Art’s Sake #66: Rust Never Sleeps But I Wanna Go Sleep And Wake Up In 2021

by Richard Bruton

Welcome welcome one and all, time for another of our weekly spins around some of that gloriously gorgeous comic art in the feature we so originally call Art For Art’s Sake
We’re going to open and end today with a lil Alan Davis

Arielle Jovellanos ‘Chavez, Bishop, Lang, Khan – the DREAMTEAM.’

Art Spiegelman, Bill Griffith, Joe Schenkman – “The Centerfold Manifesto” – original art from Short Order Comix issue #1 (1973)

Babs Tarr & Joe Quinones

Becky Cloonan

Bill Walko

Bizarro by Gustavo Duarte

Brian Bolland – Laser Eraser & Pressbutton

The Joker by Tony Moore

The Spirit by Scott Hampton

Tim Sale – Black Canary

Christian Ward – SHIELD & Fury

Tom Fowler – Nick Fury

Tove Jansson illo by Jonathan Edwards

Vision & Scarlet Witch by Kevin Nowlan

Warwick Jonson Cadwell – that Tank Girl…

Xavier Pulido – Catwoman

And just because I found it just the other day and remember it rather fondly, a bit of classic Alan Moore and Alan Davis from The Empire Strikes Back UK #156 (1982) – later reprinted in colour in Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds #2. I can distinctly remember the sense of being weirded out by this one when I was but a wee 11-year-old – a very strange little SW tale…

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