Super Sunday (Part 2): Asgard Faces The End Of Life In ‘Valkyrie: Jane Foster’ #10

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

We catch up with Jane Foster and her super-powered alter ego Valkyrie in Valkyrie: Jane Foster #10, out on Wednesday 19th August and brought to you by Jason Aaron, Torunn GrØnbekk and Ramon Rosanas. Featuring Lady Sifters, Thor’s brother Try and a good few other Asgardian folk too.

“The Røkkva, the end of all life, has come to the home of the gods — aided by Thor’s own brother Tyr in a mad quest for power. But by the time the Røkkva is done, there’ll be no throne to claim. Can the Valkyrie and her All-Weapon win against a force older than the gods themselves?”

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