Preview: All Logan Wants Is A Quiet Drink In ‘Wolverine’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

He may want to skulk away and get a few drinks in him, but wherever Wolverine goes, trouble isn’t too far behind. Especially at the Red Tavern.
Wolverine #4 is written by Benjamin Percy with art from Viktor Bogdanovic and cover by Andy Kubert. Out 08.19.2020 from Marvel Comics.
“THE RED TAVERN! After getting dressed down by the Quiet Council for rogue activity, Wolverine escapes through his own secret gate to the Red Tavern, a snowbound, backwoods watering hole where he only wants to guzzle whiskey in peace. But Logan soon discovers that peace isn’t possible as a twist-and-turn murder mystery unfolds — and at the heart of it all is an enemy from the past.”

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