Olivia Wilde To Direct A Marvel Movie For Sony Which May Answer The Question Of Spider-Woman

by Erik Amaya

The Booksmart director is getting a Marvel movie of her own.
Deadline reports Olivia Wilde, veteran of films like TRON: Legacy and director of the cult favorite Booksmart has been tapped to helm a female-focused Marvel movie for Sony. Though details are scarce, the site believes the film will end up being the feature film debut of Spider-Woman.
For a moment, though, let’s entertain other possibilities like the already-in-the-works Madame Web project (although S.J. Clarkson is set to direct that feature) or even Black Cat and/or Silver Sable. Slated at one time to be in a film together with The Old Guard‘s Gina Prince-Bythewood attached to direct, the concept was scrapped in favor of giving each character their own film.
Okay, back to Spider-Woman. If Deadline’s details are correct, the film would presumably center on Jessica Drew, a young woman in Manhattan who comes upon her spider-powers in a very different way from Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or Gwen Stacy. Instead of being bit by a radioactive spider, her father experiments on her to prolong her life. Well, at least that’s one version of events. Jessica’s search for answers about her father and her powers often leads to a new, startling origin. Hopefully, that inconsistency will become part of the plot as Jessica’s origins are part of the character’s funnier sensibility when handled correctly. Wilde and her writing partner Katie Silberman are said to be revamping the concept, though, so it’s anything goes here.
Nevertheless, if Wilde chooses to utilize the ne’er-do-well aspect of Jessica’s personality, Spider-Woman will be the film we most want to see from Sony and its bizarre corner of the Marvel enterprise — and that’s considering it has two features sitting on the shelf waiting for release!
As with most film and television news these days, it’s unclear when production will begin. Presumably, Wilde and Silberman are still some months from delivering a script, let alone getting Sony to give the go-ahead. But one imagines it will be scheduled before too long.
Over the years, there has been some speculation regarding whether or not Marvel Studios owned the film rights to Spider-Woman. With her long-standing association with The Avengers and few ties to Peter Parker, many assumed she was not part of the general Spider-license Sony obtained in the late 1990s. But if Wilde’s film turns out to be Spider-Woman, it appears she will sooner meet Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) than Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) in any sort of team-up or cameo.

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