Finding Your Place And Learning To Love In ‘Forever Home’ First Look

by James Ferguson

BOOM! Studios has shared an early preview of Jenna Ayoub’s original graphic novel, Forever Home, due out in February 2021. The comic explores the idea of finding your place and learning to love where you are. It’s set to be published under the Kaboom! imprint for middle grade and younger readers.

Willow has had a nomadic childhood—with two parents in the military, staying put has become a pipe dream. And when the family arrives at their latest stop— the historic Hadleigh House— Willow encounters something that doesn’t help her chances of finding home…ghosts!
Hadleigh House’s spectral residents have been scaring off would-be homebuyers for decades, and they intend to keep the house to themselves. But Willow’s not about to let some nagging spirits force her to move for the millionth time. As Willow spends time in the house and gains the ghosts’ respect through her own strong will to stay in the house no matter what, they find that all of them belong there. Together, the restless spirits are finally able to find some peace, and Willow finds a home.
Then it’s just a matter of convincing Willow’s parents that this old house is the one for them-ghosts included.
Forever Home is set for release in February 2021 at your local comic shop, book store, and Amazon.

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