Art For Art’s Sake # 67 – Happiness Through Art Therapy…

by Richard Bruton

Another week rolls by, more bad news in the news (well, I’m guessing as I do these a bit in advance – but given how 2020’s gone thus far – I doubt I’m wrong) – so settle back, chill for a bit and enjoy this week’s wander amongst the great art that is … Art For Art’s SakeMaurice Vellekoop – Music (1991) – beautiful, beautiful work…

Jaime Hernandez – Hoppers

Jamie Hewlett… Gorillaz…

Jill Thompson – Scary Godmother

José MuñozAlack Sinner original art (1976)

Josie & The Pussycats – Marguerite Sauvage

Journey by Bill Messner-Loebs

Cinzano by Guido Crepax – Italian print ad (1967)

Kat Verhoeven – Hellcat/She-Hulk

Classic Kevin Maguire Justice League #1

And another KM, this time a ‘one minute later’…

Matt Wagner – The Demon original art

Suicide Squad – Michael Cho

And more Michael Cho… Doc Strange…

Michael Golden Doc Strange…

Sandman by Michael Zulli

Mick McMahon – Dredd, Death and Anderson

Two delightfully good Johnny Constantine Hellblazers from Ming Doyle

And we’ll leave you this time with just a little bit of Dave McKean – his strip Uptown Ruler strip from the Epic Comics A1 Volume 2 issue 4 –

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