AWA Upshots Announce A Second Volume Of ‘Year Zero’ Featuring Four New Tales From Around The World

by Olly MacNamee

Year Zero from AWA Upshots is getting a new volume of stories coming this fall and featuring four new tales from across the post-apocalyptic globe from Benjamin Percy, artist Juan Jose Ryp and colorist Frank Martin. Out on November 4th, we’ve been given a set of preview pages that depict each character from all four stories:
“Upshot’s hit series Year Zero returns with four new harrowing tales of survival from around a post-apocalyptic world: A grizzled Norwegian sea captain and her two young grandchildren navigate an ocean teeming with undead while eluding the relentless pirates on their trail. A Colombian cartel boss indulges all of his most sadistic whims unaware that a threat far greater than zombies is headed toward his jungle fortress. A Rwandan doctor must overcome the crippling fear that has plagued him all his life as he stumbles through the African bush. And a pregnant woman barricaded in an American big-box store discovers that the greatest threat to her life – and her unborn child’s – might not be undead. Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, X-Force) once again pens this global look at the zombie apocalypse, now joined by artist Juan Jose Ryp (Britannia) and colorist Frank Martin (Infinity Wars).”

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