DC FanDome: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Opens The Hall Of Heroes

by Ben Martin

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a mess for the majority of its duration thus far. However, thanks to the Internet, we, as fans, can find a very bright spot. I’m, of course, referring to the fact that conventions are still being held! (In a socially distanced and safe fashion obviously.)
The latest of these virtual fan conventions is DC FanDome (which you can access live here), a 24-hour live streaming event filled with prerecorded panels focusing on a multitude of DC Comics-based projects coming down the pike. Before delving into the Wonder Woman 1984 panel, I need to go ahead and get something off my chest. After being a bit underwhelmed by how Comic-Con@Home was presented by SDCC International last month, I was expecting a similar approach from DC. Sure, DC FanDome was touted as a global fan event. But how was I supposed to get an idea of how such an ambition would be achieved if the convention’s website didn’t go live until it started?! Frankly, I had a bad feeling in my gut that DC and WB had bitten off more than they could chew with this virtual event.
Well, folks, I must admit, I dramatically underestimated the DC FanDome! DC Comics and Warner Bros. have done an outstanding job of making you feel like you’re attending a physical event; all things considered. Of course, it helps that you actually “enter” the FanDome, which is a digital environment based on designs by artist and DC Comics publisher Jim Lee. In the FanDome, lead host Aisha Tyler (Archer), along with co-hosts from around the world, welcomed us before jumping into the presentations for today.
Initially, the DC FanDome website consisted of six different sections (Hall of Heroes, WatchVerse, KidsVerse, YouVerse, FunVerse, and InsiderVerse), which were going to run simultaneous streams focusing on different areas of the company’s upcoming offerings, today, Saturday, August 22, 2020. (This very high ambition is what filled me with that initial sense of substantial doubt.) However, it was announced earlier this week that today would be focused solely on the panels within the Hall of Heroes. In contrast, the other panels have been pushed back a few weeks to Saturday, September 12. Frankly, I think this schedule shift was the right move.

Another fantastic choice was to open the Hall of Heroes with the Wonder Woman 1984 panel. After all, WW84 is perhaps the most anticipated cinematic offering from the DC Films right now. The WW84 panel consists of returning director Patty Jenkins and cast members Gal Gadot and Chris Pine; along with new castmembers Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal! Typically, such a panel would be standard promotional fluff. However, the presentation quickly lived up to being part of a fan-centric event. All of the questions were submitted via text or video by fans! Furthermore, there was a reel of works of fan art inspired by Wonder Woman and special appearances made by pro tennis player Venus Williams and the original Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter.

Of course, you can’t have a convention panel without bringing something new out to promote whatever is being discussed. Hence, the premiere of the second and (presumably final) Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Not that I needed to be further convinced to see WW84, but this new trailer looks just as good, if not better than the one that preceded it. We’re treated to plenty of new footage, including a look at Wigg as Cheetah! Although, I must say, while Cheetah looks good, she also looks about as computer-generated as you would expect. Still, I can’t wait to watch this flick! In closing, if you’re a fan of anything DC Comics-related, I cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the DC FanDome!

Wonder Woman 1984 is Currently Still Slated to Open in Theaters & at Drive-Ins on Friday, October 2nd.

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