Magnetic Press To Launch ‘Aster Of Pan’ Kickstarter With Exclusive Peach Momoko Cover

by James Ferguson

Magnetic Press is preparing for its next Kickstarter campaign with Aster of Pan, the post-apocalyptic graphic novel from Merwan. It’s scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, August 25th, at 11 AM EST. Described as a Hunger Games meets Dodge Ball” the comic clocks in at 200 pages. Fans can pre-register for the Kickstarter to receive a free limited edition print of the Peach Momoko cover.

Publisher Mike Kennedy says:

Aster of Pan is one of those rare gems that checks off every box on our wishlist: gorgeous art, explosive action, relatable and diverse characters, an exciting plot, good laughs, dramatic twists, and a powerful conclusion, all wrapped in a thick, premium hardcover. I knew we had to do this book after only the second page. It has that ‘summer blockbuster’ feel – big, choreographed action set-pieces and down-to-Earth character drama all set against an otherworldly post-apocalyptic backdrop.

Aster of Pan is intended to be released in January in comic shops and book stores, but fans backing the Kickstarter will get some special treats including the exclusive Momoko cover, bonus content, discounted bundles, and some stretch goal rewards to be announced upon launch like a bonus ashcan of production sketches, character designs, and progress pages.

Kennedy added:

Merwan’s artwork is this amazing and unique blend that falls somewhere between Katsuhiro Otomo and Tim Sale, rendered in juicy, earthy watercolors. His experience in animation gives his work a rhythmic, cinematic flow with memorable characters that simply come alive. We absolutely had to pick up PISTOUVI for publication, too, not only because of Merwan’s adorable and heartbreaking story, but it’s almost manga-like visual presentation. We’re even bundling these two books together in one of our reward tiers.

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