DC FanDome: ‘The Suicide Squad’ Panel Remasters Task Force X

by Benjamin Hall

(+++WARNING of potential spoilers for the upcoming movie The Suicide Squad August 6, 2021+++)

This panel has quite a few highlights including the character reveal and behind the scenes teasers. While both teasers are now on YouTube, it is unclear whether the rest of the panel will get an official release. However, there is an indicator that the panel could see some kind of release due to how Warner Bros. uploads content. For example Warner Bros. is allowing uploads of special features from past releases, such as Batman The Animated Series: The Heart Of Batman. Though it is more likely that this panel might first see official release as a special feature on the home releases of The Suicide Squad. (Readers should note that despite the teasers, and director James Gunn, stating a theatrical release date we are still in a pandemic, thus home releases may still be the safest option next year.)

As for this being a live virtual panel instead of a recording of a panel (cough most of Comic-Con@Home cough) it does feel more engaging. Though the late start to the panel will probably get some negativity from some attendees. Also despite a good number of fan questions seeming to be from genuine real people there is one that is odd. This oddity happens when an individual calling himself “Jake from State Farm” asks a question. While the question is real the fact this person is either a paid representative for State Farm Insurance, or just someone making a joke, hurts the legitimacy of the event.

James Gunn admits during the panel that he is a fan of the run of Suicide Squad (1987-1992) by writer John Ostrander. Proof of this is something viewers of the teasers can see with the choice of characters like Peacemaker (actor/wrestler John Cena) and Javelin (actor/comedian Flula Borg). Also by using more obscure characters, such as Rat Catcher 2 (actress Daniela Melchior), Gunn is saying he more willing to embrace the goofy. Speaking of fun the Gunn and the cast play a trivia game for a good portion of the panel. While leading her team to victory actress Viola Davis seems to enjoy herself here more than the first go around promoting Suicide Squad (2016). Overall this panel shows the cast having actual interest in the movie, and apparently genuinely liking each other.

Suicide Squad #1 (1987) direct edition cover art by artist Howard Chaykin.

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