Super Sunday (Part 4): Wonder Woman Wakes Up Surprised In ‘Wonder Woman’ #761

by Olly MacNamee

Maxwell Lord is back, and not just in the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film either, as the would be hero of the day? Looks like enemies will become allies in Wonder Woman #761 by writer Mariko Tamaki, artists Carlo Barberi (pencils), Matt Santorelli (inks) and colourist Alejandro Sanchez. Out Tuesday 25th August from DC Comics.
“It’s the team-up no one saw coming: Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord! This evil jerk has returned to Diana’s life, but is Max here to save the day? With a new psychic phenomenon affecting more and more people, Wonder Woman is going to need all the help she can get to contain this frightening new warping of the mind…”

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