Armory Films To Adapt ‘Unikorn’; Debbie Berman Set To Direct

by Erik Amaya

An upcoming Scout Comics graphic novel is already set to become a motion picture.
Deadline reports Unikorn, by Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin with art from Rafael Loureiro, will be adapted by Armory Film with Captain Marvel editor Debbie Berman on board to direct. Handfield and Malkin will handle the scripting duties. The graphic novel, set for release in 2021, tells the story of Mae Everhart, a girl who inherits an old horse named Percy only to discover he may be a unikorn — a unicorn with a broken horn. Though it was removed to keep him safe, Mae goes on a journey to find the horn in order to “prove to her skeptical father that her horse really is magical before everything she cares about is lost forever.”
Unikorn has heart, humor and ultimately leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful, story elements which define some of our favorite films like The Goonies, E.T. and The Black Stallion, and feelings we are all desperately seeking more now than ever,” Armory Films co-founders Chris Lemole and Tim Zajaros said in a statement.
According to the writers, the echo of early 1980s films is in no way an accident as it formed a lot of their thought process while writing the comic script. The story prompt rather is interesting, we have to admit. But then, we may just be nostalgic for that sort of movie right now.
“It is full of heart and humor, has wonderful complex characters, and is quite simply a great story,” Berman added. “Bonus points for exciting action scenes.”
As with every new project announced, it is unclear when production might begin or even when the film will be available for viewing, but the book will be out next year.

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