Exclusive Preview: Mars Attack The Hyborian Age In ‘Mars Attacks Red Sonja’ #1 From Dynamite

by Olly MacNamee

Good morning one and all. Are you ready to take on another new day? Well, we have three exclusive previews Dynamite titles coming out this new comic book day to help you through the morning, along with our regular look at previews for new books out this week. But, to kick off a busy morning or previews, check out our first exclusive preview of the day, Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1.
Red Sonja meets invaders from space as Mars Attacks the Hyborian Age. Sword and sorcery go up against science fiction and lasers, but who will win? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!
Writer John Layman and artist Fran Struken bring you all the action in the cross-over that will shake two universes! Out Wednesday 26th August from Dynamite Comics.
“She is the red-haired She-Devil with the Sword. They are the green-skinned invaders from the red planet. Yes, those dastardly Mars Attacks Martians are attacking again, and these are the Martians of old, the Martians of the Hyborian Age. And so, it’s up to Red Sonja to stop the attack. But how will steel and strength and savagery stand again laser guns, sci-fi technology and weird, weird Martian science? Only one way to find out! Buy this freakin’ book!”

Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Cover by Arthur Suydam

Cover by Luca Strati

Cover by Barry Kitson

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