IDW Announce A New Collection Of Tom Tomorrow’s Political Cartoon Strips In ‘Life In The Stupidverse’

by Olly MacNamee

Even here in the UK there is no avoiding the dog and pony show that is the American elections with everyone having their opinion on this very heated subject. Well, as the Republican Conference continues to roll across the week, IDW are marking this election with a new collection of Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) political and satirical strips, This Modern World. This weekly comic strip features in about 80 newspapers across the United States and will probably not be for all out there.  Especially Republican voters I imagine, judging by the selection of strips we’ve been given to share with you.
Entitled Life in th Stupidverse, it comes out on September 1st from IDW and collects over 1,500 cartoons.
“The new volume invites readers to relive the trauma of the last four years with a hilarious (if nightmarish) trip down memory lane. From the Great Inaugural Crowd Size Debate to the nomination of Bret “I Like Beer” Kavanaugh, from Muslim bans to concentration camps, from the Mueller Report to the latest outrageous thing you read about just this morning… Tom Tomorrow covers it all so readers can hide in bed with a blanket over their heads, praying for an asteroid to finally hit the planet.”

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